New Haircut

18 02 2009

Guess what??

On Sunday I got a haircut in Vancouver! Since I had been walking around looking like a mop for the past months, I finally decided to get the job done. Me and Freddie Austbø were searching the town for a good hairdresser, but all we could find was closed ones, and a sketchy looking japanese one. I tried the japanese one. It was named Zeal and it turned out to be one of the best I have ever been at, I even got my hair washed trice! I felt really lucky to walk out of there with at least a decent haircut, the haidresser couldnt even speak english!


I think it looks better, what do you think?



4 responses

18 02 2009

Looks sick!
Blue steel look and new haircut is a winner for sure.
Keep me posted from QBEC

19 02 2009


19 02 2009
Fat Boss

Yeah man! The Canadian chicks will love it.

21 02 2009

so hot right now! if i where a Japanese girl i would hook up with you 4 sure…. 😉

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