World Cup Quebec – summary

23 02 2009

To start off with the halfpipe: Friday was the big day, I was really excited but I didn’t land my run as clean as I would wish to do. Anyway, I’m pretty stoked to have upgraded my run with a bs 9..  The results for the norwegian guys were this:

1. Jeff Bachelor (CAN)
24. Kim Rune Hansen
29. Fredrik Austbø
36. Gjermund Bråten
41. Per Iver Grimsrud

Saturday’s big air session was my worst of all time.. The other Norwegians rode pretty well though!

1. Stefan Gimpl (AUT)
5. Per Iver Grimsrud
6. Fredrik Austbø
7. Kim Rune Hansen
17. Gjermund Bråten


My bs rodeo 7/9 in quallies shot by Jonte Grundelius

We stayed at a pretty awesome hotel, which had a lot of facilities like swimming pool, gym and stuff.. It is to be mentioned that Quebec has some radical nightclubs as well!




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