Fredrik Austbø wins Norwegian Championships Halfpipe!

28 03 2009

The finals did just go down in Kongsberg, I landed my first run and was in lead until the last three riders.. Then Fredrik Austbø put down a solid run and claimed the first place! My last run went wrong on the second hit and I had to kiss the first place goodbye. Here is the final results!:

1. Fredrik Austbø

2. Gjermund Braaten

3. Roger Kleivdal


Check out ” TVNorge” at 18:00 for footage and a wrap up from the finals in Kongsberg, I might have a follow-cam-run there:D


Norwegian Championships Kongsberg

28 03 2009

It’s saturday, it’s contest and it’s a really good halfpipe here in Kongsberg! We’we just finished the quallis and the top three goes like this!

1. Gjermund Braaten

2. Stian Aannestad

3. Fredrik Austbø


We’re running finals in a couple of hours so I will keep you posted!



Swag Pipe Jam

27 03 2009

Friday this weekend the Swag Pipe Jam went down in Tryvann! It was a really mellow contest and we had so much fun riding that pipe.. I won the prize for best run and got 2. in finals.. stoked!

check out the final runs here!


3 days at DC Mountain Lab – Can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend!

9 03 2009


This weekend I hung out at the Mountain Lab! Since I had heard so much rumours and great things about it, I was really looking forward to stay there.. On friday, DC rider Aaron Biittner and I drove up to the cabin. At first sight, I was speechless, DC Mountain Lab is sick, it’s huge.. Me, Aaron, Cheeseburger and Riley spent the days playing ping pong, skate 2 and of course snowboarding.. I don’t really know what to say, so take a look at the pics.. I wanna go back as soon as I can!



Intelligence Design, 4th place!!

8 03 2009

Today, saturday the intelligence design went down in Park City, Utah. Every rider got two runs in quallies, and three in finals.. I qualified 7. and got 4. in finals, stoked! The course started off with a 23 m jump, a hip, then a down rail, a halfpipe and a quarterpipe at the very end.. My legs got so tired at the end of the day! I did a bs 12 on the first jump, cab 9 on the hip, fs blunt to bs board on the rail, a couple of 7s in the pipe and a chuckflip in the quarter.. There was a lot of sick riding today. Shaun White won.

1. Shaun White
2. Charles Reid
3. Luke Mitrani
4. Gjermund Braaten

Photos will come sooner or later!

The Intelligence Design

4 03 2009

Right now I’m sitting at Denver Airport waiting for my flight to Salt Lake City. I was lucky to get a spot in “The Intellingence Design” contest this weekend.

“The Intelligent Design” is Park City Mountain Resort’s next step in evolving the sport of snowboarding. The course design will comprise all elements of competitive snowboarding, including big air, half-pipe and rail riding in one course. The event will be located at the Eagle Superpipe, which will be transformed to host the new terrain park creation.”

I’ll keep you guys posted on whats happening up there the next days, gonna be some serious fun!!! Here is the riders list so far:

PQ 1 Shaun White
PQ2 Mark Frank Montoya
PQ3 Andreas Wig

4 Mason Aguirre
5 Aaron Bittner
6 Danny Kass
7 Scotty Lago
8 Bode Merrill
9 Iouri Podlatchikov
10 Pat Moore
11 Kim Rune Hansen
12 Daniel Ek
13 Roger Kleivdal
14 Gjermund Braaten
15 Luke Mitrani
16 Louie Vito
17 Jack Mitrani
18 Scotty Arnold
19 Charles Reid
20 Arthur Longo
21 Seb Toutant
22 Risto Mattia
23 Markus Malin
24 Wyatt Caldwell

Knee injury Arlberg/Breck

4 03 2009


During a trip to Arlberg earlier this season I twisted my knees.. Last tuesday I landed flat in the pipe and my left knee got swollen, painful and stiff! I’m getting better every day though.. I’ve been to the hospital to check it out, but i didn’t get any straight answer or explanation of what was going on down there, so they wanted me to have an MRI. At first, I was supposed to do it on friday, I had to turn and go home because they hadn’t got the autorization from the travel insurance, sucked big time! What was even worse, I did the same twice today; got called over there and had to go home even more confused.. Anyway, I’m gonna check it when I get back to Norway, check out my X-rays, my knees doesn’t really look the same anymore!

Norwegians in Breck 09 on Vimeo

3 03 2009

Snowboard and freeski movie

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Saturday shredding Breckenridge

1 03 2009