The Intelligence Design

4 03 2009

Right now I’m sitting at Denver Airport waiting for my flight to Salt Lake City. I was lucky to get a spot in “The Intellingence Design” contest this weekend.

“The Intelligent Design” is Park City Mountain Resort’s next step in evolving the sport of snowboarding. The course design will comprise all elements of competitive snowboarding, including big air, half-pipe and rail riding in one course. The event will be located at the Eagle Superpipe, which will be transformed to host the new terrain park creation.”

I’ll keep you guys posted on whats happening up there the next days, gonna be some serious fun!!! Here is the riders list so far:

PQ 1 Shaun White
PQ2 Mark Frank Montoya
PQ3 Andreas Wig

4 Mason Aguirre
5 Aaron Bittner
6 Danny Kass
7 Scotty Lago
8 Bode Merrill
9 Iouri Podlatchikov
10 Pat Moore
11 Kim Rune Hansen
12 Daniel Ek
13 Roger Kleivdal
14 Gjermund Braaten
15 Luke Mitrani
16 Louie Vito
17 Jack Mitrani
18 Scotty Arnold
19 Charles Reid
20 Arthur Longo
21 Seb Toutant
22 Risto Mattia
23 Markus Malin
24 Wyatt Caldwell



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