Intelligence Design, 4th place!!

8 03 2009

Today, saturday the intelligence design went down in Park City, Utah. Every rider got two runs in quallies, and three in finals.. I qualified 7. and got 4. in finals, stoked! The course started off with a 23 m jump, a hip, then a down rail, a halfpipe and a quarterpipe at the very end.. My legs got so tired at the end of the day! I did a bs 12 on the first jump, cab 9 on the hip, fs blunt to bs board on the rail, a couple of 7s in the pipe and a chuckflip in the quarter.. There was a lot of sick riding today. Shaun White won.

1. Shaun White
2. Charles Reid
3. Luke Mitrani
4. Gjermund Braaten

Photos will come sooner or later!



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