Celebrating Norwegian Graduation!

14 05 2009

As some of you know, we in Norway have our own tradition of celebrating graduation, or to be even more precise, a whole month of irresponsible drinking, random sex and too loud music! This is the main reason for not updating my blog so recently as I wish I would..
To you guys that live somewhere else than Norway, it would take pages and days to explain and answer all the questions you must have. So I’ve figured the best thing to do, is to leave you with some pictures!



Helly Hansen Crowdpleaser Hemsedal

14 05 2009

The crazy-end-of-season-competition Crowdpleaser went down in Hemsedal last weekend. Hemsedal, who brought us a nice and mellow kicker, sunshine and lots of partypeople last year, did the same and even better this year! We were about 30 eager snowboarders hitting the jump in between 30 skiers. 

At 10.00 we began practice and I started off spinning cab 9, fs 9 and bs 9.. I felt good before quallis with all those spins already landed. The two best tricks counted. In quallis, I fell three times on cab 9 before i sticked it the way I wanted. I had a bad, nervous feeling. With only one run left, I managed to put down a bs 12 pretty far down the landing. I was happy, and walked into finals winning the qualification..

What is so special about the end-of-season contest is the final. Three different categories, style (no more spin than 540), spin-to-win, and crowdpleaser. The winner of each category gets an amount of 3000 kr (ca 400 Euros), and there is also a price for best overall!

Per Iver

Best style: Per Iver Grimsrud, fs 3 indycrail

In finals we had two run each in every category. In the first two, I did fs 3’s. In the spin-to-win contest, I sticked bs 12 and tried a cab 14 and was close to tear my legs to pieces. Ulrik Badertscher is probably the first ever that have done a bs 1620, can you believe it? He was really close on his tries, although he didn’t land it.

Ulrik 1620

Ulrik with his bs 1620 attempt!
Spin-to-win: Gjermund Braaten, bs 1260 mute

oter 9

Crowpleaser: Gjermund Braaten, double bs rodeo

This was pretty much the summary of the day, except an outstanding afterski, VIP Lounge with hot models, jacuzi at the norwegian DC Mountain Lab… You name it!

HHCP 09 overall

A video is also available here!