3. place a Winter Games

26 08 2009

Yo what up! I’m sitting with a couple of teammates at an internetcafe in Wanaka, NZ and getting ready to leave for Norway in a few..

This Sunday I attended Slopestyle at Winter Games in Remarkables, it was one of the best setups I have ever ridden and I was pretty stoked to land my run as i wanted. Have a look a the movie from the finals!! Please..





Battery Challenge Fonna Edit

22 08 2009

The first teaser has just dropped! Good feeling guaranteed!


1. Go to http://www.tacky.no/snowboard/video/?id=128075

2. Turn your speakers up!

3. Pop a soda and kick it like it was summer of 69!

Bs doublecork 10

20 08 2009

Today I landed a new trick, it was a bs doublecork 10! I tried it out a couple of days ago when shreddin Cardrona with Torstein Horgmo. We decided to learn ourselves some new tricks, I went for the bs doublecork and Torstein for double backflip. Torstein stomped on his first try and went on for another two. I tried like 7 times but fell all the time. Today we went up to Cardrona again and I really felt throwin this shit down! And there it goes.. I stomped it my first try, and also another two! Thats the rule, if you can do a trick three times, you got it. I will post a video as soon as someone will film it, YEAH

New Zealand Open

14 08 2009

The slopestyle semis and finals of New Zealand Open Cardrona went down today and it was so much fun, and sick level of riding!

I haven’t got the time to write down all of it now, but Torstein Horgmo, Tore Holvik and I made i to finals. Torstein sticked a sick run with sw bs 9, fs 10 and bs 10 and got 2. place behind Sebastian Toutant! Tore placed 4. and I placed 8.! Really stoked to put down a run in the finals. Specially when many  of the other competitors are my idols. 

What I’m most stoked on is learning cab doublecork 10 during practice, I got so stoked riding and just felt trying it out! I also tried some double back-ro’s in my runs but none of them worked out.

Tomorrow Staale Sandbech, Tore Holvik and Roger Kleivdal are riding pipe-semi’s! Hope they’ll do well:)