New Zealand Open

14 08 2009

The slopestyle semis and finals of New Zealand Open Cardrona went down today and it was so much fun, and sick level of riding!

I haven’t got the time to write down all of it now, but Torstein Horgmo, Tore Holvik and I made i to finals. Torstein sticked a sick run with sw bs 9, fs 10 and bs 10 and got 2. place behind Sebastian Toutant! Tore placed 4. and I placed 8.! Really stoked to put down a run in the finals. Specially when many  of the other competitors are my idols. 

What I’m most stoked on is learning cab doublecork 10 during practice, I got so stoked riding and just felt trying it out! I also tried some double back-ro’s in my runs but none of them worked out.

Tomorrow Staale Sandbech, Tore Holvik and Roger Kleivdal are riding pipe-semi’s! Hope they’ll do well:)