Leaving for London

29 10 2009

I am now at Geneva Airport with Silje Norendal! Crazy shit.. My flight’s in two hours and right now we are chillin with some food.. Just watched Notorious B.I.G. for the second time, amazing movie!

Watch out for more updates from the contest in London tomorrow;)

The pics are me and Tor eatin before I left, and me tryin on some smokin’ UGG’s earwarmers! Ha ha


Day off here in Saas Fee

29 10 2009

Today I’m having a day off, because it’s contest day in London tomorrow, and i need to pack my bags.. I have had three great weeks here in Saas Fee, and I really feel like travelling to another place right now!

Even though I’m pretty tired of this place right now, I know I’m coming back next year!

My mission this trip was to land all the 1080’s.. I did all of them, but I handdragged the sw bs one.. So I guess I didn’t make it.. Anyway, I make my goals pretty hard to reach and I think that’s the reason why I have had so much progression these last years.

Yesterday Sondre Tiller and me rode from the park and all the way down to the last gondola! It was narrow, steep and of course fun.. It saved us for a lot of time and busy alpine-skiers with huge backpacks! STOKED!


Wednesday in the park Saas Fee

28 10 2009

All 900’s in Saas Fee today..

27 10 2009

Saas Fee

19 10 2009

The time has come for some blogging on the first trip to Switzerland for the season (hope to go back for a couple events later on). Weather’s nice and I am living with three buddies (Simen Neraker, Ole Hovland and Stian Aannestad) at Haus Heidi.. We’we spent lots of time watching movies and snowboarding, cooking delicious meals and shooting pool at Metropol.


What a sick setup!

This little buddy you see above has had some freakin good flights on the jumps here. And there will be more, even videos. But that’s about it for now, comin’ back in a few..


We made our own Bislett kebab!!!


Holy game of Poker, Moët and JK.. Simen has won twice in a row now..


The Mountain steeze 2010…