Day off here in Saas Fee

29 10 2009

Today I’m having a day off, because it’s contest day in London tomorrow, and i need to pack my bags.. I have had three great weeks here in Saas Fee, and I really feel like travelling to another place right now!

Even though I’m pretty tired of this place right now, I know I’m coming back next year!

My mission this trip was to land all the 1080’s.. I did all of them, but I handdragged the sw bs one.. So I guess I didn’t make it.. Anyway, I make my goals pretty hard to reach and I think that’s the reason why I have had so much progression these last years.

Yesterday Sondre Tiller and me rode from the park and all the way down to the last gondola! It was narrow, steep and of course fun.. It saved us for a lot of time and busy alpine-skiers with huge backpacks! STOKED!





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