Nice shred, fresh snow, Breck!

15 12 2009

Today there was pow all over the landings and I was shredding with Pål Sørensen.. So good day

The jumps at the very end of the park, so much fun!

Got my swag on!


Paul Mitchell Progression Session 2. Place!!

13 12 2009

Last night the Grand Prix progression session went down after the halfpipe finals.. It was a setup with a gap to a 3m butter box and then step down 5 meter to a pretty flat landing. And in the end a flat rail, so fun!

I qualified doing fs 5 off the box, bs 180 in cab 5 out, and bs rodeo off the box. On the rail I tried doing some 270’s in and stuff..

In the finals only one out of 3 run counted and I did a fs 5 and a cab 270 in 270 out on the rail.  In my last run I had the opportunity to step up my run, but it was so icy and my butt was so sore that I just did a bs 180.. Anyway that got me onto the podium and I am so stoked!

Watch some qualli footy here, and hear Ståle Sandbech as speaker!

My man Tore Holvik killing the pipe at Copper

12 12 2009

Edit out on Transworld Snowboarding

8 12 2009

Me and Joachim in Breckenridge… Check out the madness!