Good food and good sessions at COC

30 06 2010

Today I had a mellow day. I went up to the glacier at 9, hooked up with Mark Swoboda and Mark Mcmorris and shredded ´til noon. It was pretty fun, but then it got foggy and cloudy, and I went down to catch the second half of Spain-Portugal. The match was not too interesting, but David Villa is a sick player! He scored one goal for Spain and sent them to the next round.

Yesterday we had barbeque up in our house with all the isenseven/pleasure crew, good times!

This evening I spent at the camp with two insanely good skateboarders. We sessioned the miniramps for three hours straight and I had so much fun. Rad to see how much speed and good control they had when skating.
Now it is time to rest my legs for tomorrow, plus watch a movie;) (think it´s gonna be “Hot Tub Time Machine” tonight).


TTR tour started this weekend

27 06 2010

Yesterday the first stop of the TTR-tour, Billabong Ante Up, went down in Whistler, Canada. A lot of good riders, extremely high level of riding and a good jump describes the day pretty much.

I did a bs doublecork 12 in finals and got 4th place. Congrats to homie Seb Toutant for putting down a sick cab doublecork 12 and taking home 20 grand. As for me, the 4th place gave me the world no. 1 spot on the TTR ranking, stoooked!

Here is the results from finals,

Skateboarding all summer

21 06 2010

Skateboarding is just so much fun right now! Everyday. Learning new tricks slowly. Cruising. Thought I´d share a little picture from the miniramp with you.. Maybe I´ll post a video tomorrow?

Isenseven teaser 2010! “Don’t Panic”

20 06 2010

This thursday, I’m leaving for Vancouver to film the last shots with Isenseven. I’ve been filming a lot with them this year, and I’m excited, happy and really proud to be a part of their movie this year!

This is the latest teaser, check it out.