Niketown and Milton Keynes indoor snowboarding

29 10 2010

After I got home from Santa Barbara and P3, the guys hooked me up with a workout program that was tailored for the stuff I need to be better at. So this morning, Me, Jon and Jamie went to the gym and did some of those exercises, what a great start of the day!

I´ve always wanted to go to Niketown and buy whatever sports equipment I want. They have the best and coolest stuff. Yesterday, Nike hooked us up with vouchers and we went over there for shopping. I got some tight running outfits and I am now fit for a marathon..haha..

On the second floor, they were still working on the actionsports area, but we got to see it before it opens 1. nov. To my surprise, they had this big poster of me hanging at the entrance! That made my day, Thanks Nike 6.0!

Yesterday night, me, Jon Weaver, Jamie Nicholls and Kevin Backström went to Milton Keynes, this place right outside London to go snowboarding indoor. It was my and Kevin’s first time indoor and it was actually not that bad! We met up with a guy called Neil, and he hooked us up with some pretty off the chain business! Check out this HD magnetic Fisheye lens for Iphone 4! Cant wait to make an edit… I’ll let you guys know where to buy them later.. later!


The D-PAD session by Nike 6.0

28 10 2010

As some of you know, I spent a couple of weeks during summer at Folgefonna with the 6.0 crew, Oakley crew and some of the Friday guys. Im proud to say, this is what we got in just one week!


Visiting Halifax and the dry slope

27 10 2010

It´s been nonstop charging these last days, and I LOVE IT! After last nights exciting match, Chicharito killing it and getting my review signed by Michael Carrick, we were all ready for a mellow day. We drove up to Halifax to visit Jamie Nicholls’ family, and to see the dry slope that he has been riding his whole life.. And I must say, that kid is doing stuff there that NO other snowboarder could do.. Bs 10’s on dry slope? Impressive!

Jamie and the quarterpipe..

After visiting the dry slope, we went to Jamie’s house and his mother made us a cup of builders and biscuits – Yorkshire tea in fact. I had heard a lot of this famous tea before I got there, and it was indeed as good as expected! Lovely english lunch hehe..

Now Im sitting in hotel Cumberland on Oxford street, ready to eat ruby Murray with pigs ear. I might even go for a battlecruiser downstairs!

Before I go, I´ll just post a couple of songs that I heard on Radio 1 tonight.. Radio 1 is amazing, party on Folks!

Theatre of dreams…

27 10 2010

I got to Manchester last night. Lost both my bags at Heathrow, no suprise.. Anyway still feeling great because we were going to Old Trafford to watch Manu – Wolves in the Carling Cup!

Our box!

Instead of going in the normal entrance, we took the elevator up to 2 floor, and walked into a restaurant where we had a three-course dinner and entertainment in front of and after the match. The feeling of walking out from the box, sit down in leather seats and watch the match is, in lack of better words, amazing.

The first half was kind of disappointing.. But the second half, oh my god what a thriller! 5 goals and Man U won 3-2. I couldn’t be happier..

Nike 6.0 in Zurich

24 10 2010

Check out the 6.0 team in Zurich this fall!

20 years old!

23 10 2010

Yup, today the 23. I finally turned 20. Last night we celebrated on this irish pub with a lot of good friends and everyone was singing happy birthday. One of the bartenders brought me shots and they all believed I was turning 22 so it was all good!

Today we were about to go surfing at a place called the ranch. We called it off cause there has been a shark attack up there and a nineteen year old boy was killed. Terrible news. Apparently the shark was about 15 feet!!!

read the full story here:


Just finished up the workout session at P3 and now we are going to the skatepark again 😉

Foampit session in Santa Barbara

22 10 2010

Today, our man Andy Schmiess took us to a place where they had trampolines and a big foampit, almost like woodward. We jumped around for a couple of hours and had tons of fun. We did ropeswings into the foampit and jumped through the roof into the foampit to mention a few things! So much fun.. I’m pretty stoked that I learned how to do a backflip off the rope. Thanks to Andy again for filming the stuff..


Peak Performance Project

20 10 2010

I’m exhausted! Just got back from our second day at P3 training facility here in Santa Barbara, California. The reason why I’m here, is a trip Nitro is doing with me, Knut Eliassen, Marc Swoboda, Basti Rittig, Austin Smith, Lorenz Holder and our dear team manager Andi Aurhammer. P3 is a private training facility which Marcus Elliot is running It’s such a good place to get ready for the season, and all kinds of top athletes from all around the states come here to get fit. “Where science meets athletic performance”.

throwing balls can be heavy

Yesterday we did some tests and went skateboarding for 3 hours straight. My muscles are so tight now! This evening we are going skateboarding again.

Fs Indy Santa Barbara beach

Basti, me and Marc kickin it..

Thanks to Lorenz Holder for sick pictures!