2. Place at the Sweet Rumble in Trysil

28 11 2010

This week has been so good! Staying in a pretty decent hotel with a surfwave and a spa, a huge jump right outside and a crew of homies who was sending it all day. The contest on friday and saturday was pretty hardcore to be honest. For qualies and semis, we got 3 runs, where our two best results counted, and we had to do two different tricks.

I got through to the knockout finals by doing a fs 9 and a bs 12, and a bs 10 and a bs rodeo. We were 8 guys left, and the head to head was about to go down! I got really tough competition form Roger Kleivdal and Sondre Tiller who did bs doublecork 10 and a perfect cab 12. Somehow I went big and landed my bs 12 two times in a row and it sent me to the superfinal up against Torgeir Bergrem.

Me doing bs 1260

I think we were both nervous at the top, and we both knew it could go either way.. We agreed that winner takes it all and buy drinks all night for the loser. I became the lucky loser yesterday hehe. Torgeir won two out of three rounds and he is now the heavyweight champion of Sweet Rumble! Congrats buddy, you killed it.

It was time for the legendary Sweet Rumble party in a lavvo in the woods. I don´t need to say more..

Gotta bring some of these cans for the party..

The jump is massive init bruv?

Good guys equals good times!

Well, now I’m back in Torpo hanging out and getting ready to leave for Air&Style China! The jump looks really good:

Just met my buddy Jørn Henning at home. Getting ready to hit the slopes!

I will put up a video from the contest tomorrow. Later.

Qualifiers for SWEET RUMBLE today

26 11 2010

Im sitting in my hotel right now chillin and waiting for the jump to open. They are gonna open it later today, and then we will have some practice on it too, should be a lot of fun! Yesterday we were having two sessions which was really good, I did some bs 1260’s, and it felt good.. Here is a couple of photos from yesterday shot by Olav Stubberud

Aleksander Østreng doing a fs 3 off his toe-edge..

Me in one of the bs 1260’s mute.

Erik Botner killed it

Hanging out in the lobby

Isenseven premiere Milan

24 11 2010

Last thursday I went to Italy for a premiere. It was a lot of fun!

Me with superstar Nathalie from Italian TV!

Me and Mr. Gruber!


Air and Style Beijing, China

24 11 2010

Back to back Casanova

21 11 2010

Pleasure Jam at Dachstein

16 11 2010

After being injured a week, I got back on my board this weekend thanks to awesome help from a couple of physio´s. The TTR 4 star event Pleasure Jam went down in Austria and I was there to try and do my best. In the finals I did a cab 5, a doublecork bs 10, and a double bs rodeo. Due to a serious handdrag, I got 5th place. Elias Elhardt won, and my friend Tor Lundstrom from Sweden got 3rd, well done!

Dachstein has a sick railpark and this Elbow rail was awesome! Thanks Kristoffer Hansson for filming.

Our trip to England in one awesome video

8 11 2010