Arena Bekkestua

14 07 2011

Last day at COC

4 07 2010

Today was my last day at Camp Of Champions, unfortunately, the weather sucked and we didn´t go shred. The good thing was, I had two skatesessions. The first one I went to the concrete park down in the village with Tom Elliot, Alex Tank, James Niederberger and AJ Kemppainen. We filmed a bunch of cool stuff and had a lot of S.K.A.T.E´s. I did the second session at the Camp. Here is a little video from that miniramp!

Look at all the happy campers!


Good food and good sessions at COC

30 06 2010

Today I had a mellow day. I went up to the glacier at 9, hooked up with Mark Swoboda and Mark Mcmorris and shredded ´til noon. It was pretty fun, but then it got foggy and cloudy, and I went down to catch the second half of Spain-Portugal. The match was not too interesting, but David Villa is a sick player! He scored one goal for Spain and sent them to the next round.

Yesterday we had barbeque up in our house with all the isenseven/pleasure crew, good times!

This evening I spent at the camp with two insanely good skateboarders. We sessioned the miniramps for three hours straight and I had so much fun. Rad to see how much speed and good control they had when skating.
Now it is time to rest my legs for tomorrow, plus watch a movie;) (think it´s gonna be “Hot Tub Time Machine” tonight).

Skateboarding all summer

21 06 2010

Skateboarding is just so much fun right now! Everyday. Learning new tricks slowly. Cruising. Thought I´d share a little picture from the miniramp with you.. Maybe I´ll post a video tomorrow?

Joachim and me in Denver

29 11 2009

I didnt get this video on my site, but follow this link to watch it!

Friday in Barcelona

6 11 2009

Check out some clips from today, Me Tor Lundstrom and Aleksander Oestreng skating the streets of Barca..


Skate in Barcelona!

4 11 2009

Today I and Kevin B went to the famous la rambla.. It’s a street.. We didn’t go shopping.. We went to washndry to get fresh! Damn it feels good to finally wear clean underwear:D ha ha..

Later on I hooked up with Burtonteam-snowboarder and local homeboy Kike Carcelen and we went to Macba-museum to skate the stairs over there! Barca is so clean and the ground is perfect for skating!

After this I and the swedish boys went to Hard Rock Cafe for the third day in a row to eat dinner.. Good food..

Tomorrow’s is gonna be great skating and maybe get some tan on! Later skater

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

29 07 2009

So looong! I have been really busy doing nothing these last days, or, not really nothing.. I’ve been dancing a lot of “Hallingdans”, and the past weekend was heavy, I was in Fagernes at this happening called “Jørn-Hilme Stemnet”. A lot of funny stuff went down there such as “who can kick the hat off the stick-highest-contest”. The competition was really hard here, and this young lad won!

ola narverud

Ola Narverud kicked the hat at 2,20 m!!

Yeah, while hanging around in that town, I visited their skatepark called “Eplehagen”. Solid park.. I also met a nice guy named Kim Olsrud, who was nothing but seriously good!


Old pic.. Nowadays they got green-grass-gaps at the spots in the middle:O


Finally, I was actually just going to write about this movie I saw tonight, but as I started to blog, I had a breakout of good memories that I had to drop down here. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen at least 30 movies this summer, and so far, this one made me laugh the most! Me and a two of my best friends loved this movie and if you haven’t seen it, or don’t know what to do in your vacation, check out “How To Lose Friends And Alienate People”.. Here’s the trailer…..

Drammen Skatepark

20 07 2009

Me and my brother Øystein checking out a skatepark a couple of hours from home..

Really poor quality by the way:/


Black Winter

13 07 2009

Today has been a really lazy day.. I woke up at 12, watched a movie called bangkok dangerous (second time, with Nicholas Cage and stuff, really great by the way) went for a skate session in Gol with William, a good friend of mine. I just woke up, again, from a powernap after dinner and came across standard films teaser for their “Black Winter”. A couple of friends are starring in this movie and it looks really sick! Also, one of my favorite riders, Torstein Horgmo, got some crazy tricks in there.. cant wait to see them in the full movie:D watch and enjoy!


This is William, yup he is very good!