The new team sites on Nitro Snowboards

25 07 2011

Nitro just launched their new sites!! Check out this stuff before winter arrives:)

This is the profile of my buddy Marc Swoboda!

The teaser for the new Rome movie featuring my buddy Staaaaaale!

24 07 2011

New video! Me, Frode, Giom, Torstein, Henrik, Seb and Jonny.. Why change a winning team?

16 04 2011

The edit where I never got the song I wanted

11 04 2011

Me, Ståle and Stian from Northstar

Going to Reno for a day, mad hangover and the worst movie ever

6 04 2011

My first time driving through “the strip” in Reno.

After a series of very promising commercials on tv for the new actionherogirl-movie “Suckerpunch”, we decided to go check it out… The intro was good. And then the movie sucked. I dont think I´ve seen a movie that bad, ever.. The target group must be 13 year old girls, so not my cup of tea to be honest.

One guy liked it though…

Me and Torstein were playing Tiny WIngs on our phones, or sleeping..

Tomorrow Im gonna cruise Northstar and have a really good time I think.


“Northstar shreddin’ with Gjermund Braaten”

6 04 2011

Backyard jibs with the Icelandicks

6 04 2011

Audition with Torstein Horgmo

17 01 2011

Powder getaway, Ål Skiresort!

11 01 2011

Today I realized how lucky I am to be snowboarding for a lifestyle. I woke up when my family went off to work and school, had a quick breakfast and then I drove 10 minutes to my local resort, Svarteberg (Ål Skisenter). This is where I´ve spent my days as a younger kid riding powder and crazy runs in the woods.

The lift was not running, and I was trying to get out of the parking lot (which was a struggle because of all the snow). While driving away, I saw a couple of workers up in the cafe. I decided to ask them whats up.

I put on my boots with heated soles (That´s a winner on days like this), and brought my Nitro Rook board with me. Then they opened the lift only for me and this one lady, and we had the slopes all by ourselves the whole day. Svarteberg got one of the steepest slopes in Norway and I never get bored of powder-riding up here! Thanks a lot for letting me play today.

You don´t need to point this slope to do turns…

The skiresort on a sunny day last season…


First day back on snow

10 01 2011

This weekend I went to Hemsedal. It snowed like crazy, and it was my first day back on snow since the injury. I was so happy to be cruising again. I even did a couple of melon grabs, without feeling any pain!

Yes, it was really cold!

Hung out with some friends from back home, checked in with Gowalla at “Skistua” and had the legendary quesedilla..

Got some nice garms from Nike 6.0 today, thanks a lot!

Thats whats up!

Anyone know a place I can stay in Breckenridge? Please, hit me up.