Tragic times in Norway

23 07 2011

In memory of those who suffered a terrible terror attack at “Utøya” the 22. of July.. May god be with their families and friends.

Fractured collarbone

3 01 2011

Happy new year! I’ve been lazy for a month now and thought I should start blogging again. At Dew Tour I got injured and fractured my collarbone. So here I am, sitting at home doing nothing!



Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle Tour

4 11 2010

Vote for your local resort now!


Two contests, two days, two parties and one drunk team-manager…

1 11 2010

This weekend has been busy. From FIS World Cup in London to tradeshow and big air contest in Modena, Italy. Two flights early in the morning and no sleep. My back feels like a ryanair-seat!

London was great, Thanks to everyone for a good time. Nike 6.0 for hooking me up in NIKETOWN, all the great guys that viseited us at the signing session. The contest didn’t go as I expected, I guess it was just not the right weekend! I got 8th. Ståle Sandbech and Per Iver Grimsrud got 2nd and 4th, congrats, sick riding!

This was the wall of the booth where we had our signing session and stuff, thanks Nike 6.0!

One thing I’m sure of, I’ll never fly in the middle of the night to do two contests in two days. We got to Modena, Italy, where the tradeshow and the 4star TTR Stomp IT was about to go down. We caught two hours of sleep in the hotel before heading out to the stadium. Unfortunately, I landed on the knuckle and tweaked my back and chest and was not feeling very well. The finals were good anyway, big ups to Gerome Mathieu and Jakko Ruha for winning!

Gerome, the winner in yellow!

Last night was the first night in a week  I actually had a real dinner, and a real dinner it was indeed! Our guy in Italy, Federico the Legend, drove us around in his new Mini Cooper Countryman and took us out for one of the best dinners I’ve had. Tortellini with pumpkin, risotto with balsamic vinegar ended by a filet so good I have to stop thinking about it cause I’m getting hungry!

Thanks Federico, the Legend of Milan…

Niketown and Milton Keynes indoor snowboarding

29 10 2010

After I got home from Santa Barbara and P3, the guys hooked me up with a workout program that was tailored for the stuff I need to be better at. So this morning, Me, Jon and Jamie went to the gym and did some of those exercises, what a great start of the day!

I´ve always wanted to go to Niketown and buy whatever sports equipment I want. They have the best and coolest stuff. Yesterday, Nike hooked us up with vouchers and we went over there for shopping. I got some tight running outfits and I am now fit for a marathon..haha..

On the second floor, they were still working on the actionsports area, but we got to see it before it opens 1. nov. To my surprise, they had this big poster of me hanging at the entrance! That made my day, Thanks Nike 6.0!

Yesterday night, me, Jon Weaver, Jamie Nicholls and Kevin Backström went to Milton Keynes, this place right outside London to go snowboarding indoor. It was my and Kevin’s first time indoor and it was actually not that bad! We met up with a guy called Neil, and he hooked us up with some pretty off the chain business! Check out this HD magnetic Fisheye lens for Iphone 4! Cant wait to make an edit… I’ll let you guys know where to buy them later.. later!

Theatre of dreams…

27 10 2010

I got to Manchester last night. Lost both my bags at Heathrow, no suprise.. Anyway still feeling great because we were going to Old Trafford to watch Manu – Wolves in the Carling Cup!

Our box!

Instead of going in the normal entrance, we took the elevator up to 2 floor, and walked into a restaurant where we had a three-course dinner and entertainment in front of and after the match. The feeling of walking out from the box, sit down in leather seats and watch the match is, in lack of better words, amazing.

The first half was kind of disappointing.. But the second half, oh my god what a thriller! 5 goals and Man U won 3-2. I couldn’t be happier..

20 years old!

23 10 2010

Yup, today the 23. I finally turned 20. Last night we celebrated on this irish pub with a lot of good friends and everyone was singing happy birthday. One of the bartenders brought me shots and they all believed I was turning 22 so it was all good!

Today we were about to go surfing at a place called the ranch. We called it off cause there has been a shark attack up there and a nineteen year old boy was killed. Terrible news. Apparently the shark was about 15 feet!!!

read the full story here:


Just finished up the workout session at P3 and now we are going to the skatepark again 😉

Øystein my brother at Fonna

11 11 2009

This weekend was a big one for the Bråten-family.. I got a 3. place in Barca, and my 14 year old brother got a 2. place in a big railjam in Norway! The first three places was like this:

1. Even Sigstad

2. Øystein Bråten

3. Thomas Dølplads


He was really killin it and he deserved it like no other.. Check out his new video from HappyPro


8 09 2009

Another rainy day in Torpo. Today I was just surfing the internet when I came across LG’s new watchphone! Looks crazy and it will cost ca 1500 USD..


check out the wierdness at

Norwegian Championships in Hallingdans

8 07 2009

A little while ago, the norwegian championships in Hallingdans went down in Geilo. I competed as well, bit didn’t do that good. Here is the winner of 2009, Ulf-Arne Johannessen. I know a lot of you guys wonder what this folk dance from Norway looks like, so here is a really good example!