Visiting Halifax and the dry slope

27 10 2010

It´s been nonstop charging these last days, and I LOVE IT! After last nights exciting match, Chicharito killing it and getting my review signed by Michael Carrick, we were all ready for a mellow day. We drove up to Halifax to visit Jamie Nicholls’ family, and to see the dry slope that he has been riding his whole life.. And I must say, that kid is doing stuff there that NO other snowboarder could do.. Bs 10’s on dry slope? Impressive!

Jamie and the quarterpipe..

After visiting the dry slope, we went to Jamie’s house and his mother made us a cup of builders and biscuits – Yorkshire tea in fact. I had heard a lot of this famous tea before I got there, and it was indeed as good as expected! Lovely english lunch hehe..

Now Im sitting in hotel Cumberland on Oxford street, ready to eat ruby Murray with pigs ear. I might even go for a battlecruiser downstairs!

Before I go, I´ll just post a couple of songs that I heard on Radio 1 tonight.. Radio 1 is amazing, party on Folks!