Andreas Wiig Invitational

4 04 2009

Tonight the Andreas Wiig Big Jump contest is going down in Geilo. 2o of the worlds best riders have been riding the jump for two days now, and the level of riding might be the sickest ever. Yesterday the riders sticked tricks like fs and bs dobbelcork 10, dobbel bs rodeo 9 and 10, cab 12, and regular 10’s in every direction. And that was just training, imagine how it will be today!

The show starts at 17.00, be there! More info

It’ll also be a snowmobile show over a HUGE kicker, and the rumours is that the guys have a backflip guarantee! In between the qualifiers there will be a freeski show with some of the best skiers in Norway, and after the contest, Timbuktu and Torch will play some tunes!

Do NOT forget: The Afterparty at Highland Resort, it’s going to be off the hook!


Bs 10 Gjermund Braaten



Dobbel bs rodeo Gjermund Braaten