1 11 2009

Hi there..

Been so busy these days, but now it’s time to update you guys on what happened on fri. and sat..

I arrived London pretty late Thursday night, and went straight to bed in our hotel. On friday I woke up really early so I had the time to go to Oxford street shopping. After a couple hours in Oxford, it was time to go to Battersea Power Station for The Freeze (the event).  We were 8 riders in the Style mix who jumped head to head. I made it to the superfinal and placed 2. with a double bs rodeo..


Me and the winner Roope Tonteri from Finland looking down at the jump surrounded by 20 000!!!


Yesterday was the big day and the FIS World Cup went down.. It was probably the highest level of riding in a world cup ever.. I did a cab 9 and a double cork bs 10 in the quallis. I made it to the finals and I was really stoked  to be riding for a crowd of 20 000 people… I fucked up in the finals and tried both bs doublecork 10 and 12.. Handragged the 10. Party was amazing, big ups to James Rodd for organizing and giving me VIP passes all days! YEAH SON


Apple Store in London, the Sickest and biggest ever!