3. Place in Barcelona!

7 11 2009

Hi I just got back from the contest and the Olympic Stadium here in Barcelona.. It was a really good contest with an amazing crowd he he.. I guess they got even more stoked when I threw my board into the crowd! I qualified nr. 3. and ended up nr. 3 in finals.. stoked.. I did a bs doublecork 1080 and a bs 900.. Stefan Gimpl won with a cab 9 and a fs 9.. Here are some pics, enjoy… Im heading out for the disco now.. Can’t wait to go out and get my Stek on with Kim Rune Hansen…



Friday in Barcelona

6 11 2009

Check out some clips from today, Me Tor Lundstrom and Aleksander Oestreng skating the streets of Barca..


Skate in Barcelona!

4 11 2009

Today I and Kevin B went to the famous la rambla.. It’s a street.. We didn’t go shopping.. We went to washndry to get fresh! Damn it feels good to finally wear clean underwear:D ha ha..

Later on I hooked up with Burtonteam-snowboarder and local homeboy Kike Carcelen and we went to Macba-museum to skate the stairs over there! Barca is so clean and the ground is perfect for skating!

After this I and the swedish boys went to Hard Rock Cafe for the third day in a row to eat dinner.. Good food..

Tomorrow’s is gonna be great skating and maybe get some tan on! Later skater