Working out in Oslo, X-games is coming up shortly!

7 01 2011

This week I´ve been in Oslo, working out and getting some help with my injury, the goal is a quicker than normal recovery! It feels a lot better now, I might actually go riding tomorrow!

Sitting at home  thinking about riding when you can´t, sucks. Can´t wait to get back, learn new tricks and ride X-Games! I just got the invite a week ago, and I jumped through the roof. That was probably the best gift of them all. Slopestyle and Big Air, it´s gonna be a lot of fun.

On norwegian television they just showed a couple of minutes with me and how I’m getting back from the injury, thanks Morten Røkeberg at NRK for a great show!

Hopefully I´ll be able to land this trick when I get back on snow? 😉


Our trip to England in one awesome video

8 11 2010


Season opening in Hemsedal

6 11 2010

Just had two great days on snow up in Hemsedal with a great crew! Stayed up there in an apartment with the guys from Bernhard, thanks a lot guys, epic weekend.

The main lift, the 8 seat lift was open. Sondre, Martin, Tommy and Pål..

Top to bottom run: No jumps, nothing but gnarly carves the whole way!

Elin is trying to show me her big nose.

I am claiming that mine is bigger, and way more red.. GLADPACK-nose..

By the way, Skistua Hemsedal makes a legendary quesedilla. Well worth trying!

They had put up two boxes in the childrens area, that was where we were hanging out hehe. This is a little edit featuring Sondre Hylland, me and Martin Skogholt.. Again filmed with my outstanding phonefisheye.