Last day at COC

4 07 2010

Today was my last day at Camp Of Champions, unfortunately, the weather sucked and we didn´t go shred. The good thing was, I had two skatesessions. The first one I went to the concrete park down in the village with Tom Elliot, Alex Tank, James Niederberger and AJ Kemppainen. We filmed a bunch of cool stuff and had a lot of S.K.A.T.E´s. I did the second session at the Camp. Here is a little video from that miniramp!

Look at all the happy campers!


Good food and good sessions at COC

30 06 2010

Today I had a mellow day. I went up to the glacier at 9, hooked up with Mark Swoboda and Mark Mcmorris and shredded ´til noon. It was pretty fun, but then it got foggy and cloudy, and I went down to catch the second half of Spain-Portugal. The match was not too interesting, but David Villa is a sick player! He scored one goal for Spain and sent them to the next round.

Yesterday we had barbeque up in our house with all the isenseven/pleasure crew, good times!

This evening I spent at the camp with two insanely good skateboarders. We sessioned the miniramps for three hours straight and I had so much fun. Rad to see how much speed and good control they had when skating.
Now it is time to rest my legs for tomorrow, plus watch a movie;) (think it´s gonna be “Hot Tub Time Machine” tonight).