Paul Mitchell Progression Session 2. Place!!

13 12 2009

Last night the Grand Prix progression session went down after the halfpipe finals.. It was a setup with a gap to a 3m butter box and then step down 5 meter to a pretty flat landing. And in the end a flat rail, so fun!

I qualified doing fs 5 off the box, bs 180 in cab 5 out, and bs rodeo off the box. On the rail I tried doing some 270’s in and stuff..

In the finals only one out of 3 run counted and I did a fs 5 and a cab 270 in 270 out on the rail.  In my last run I had the opportunity to step up my run, but it was so icy and my butt was so sore that I just did a bs 180.. Anyway that got me onto the podium and I am so stoked!

Watch some qualli footy here, and hear Ståle Sandbech as speaker!