They Came From

7 07 2009

Here it is! The teaser to Factor-Films newest project “They Came From”. I was lucky to get the chance this winter to film with Petter Foshaug. We’ve been to Arlberg, Trysil, Hemsedal, Filefjell, Folgefonna, Myrkdalen and Oslo collecting shots. This is how it looks like! It is filmed in High Def, RED, and 3D. In other words, a few steps in front of the rest. Be sure to check it outin  fullscreen, the quality is off the hook…

If you want to download it, visit


Folgefonna #1, Helishoot

1 06 2009

This weekend was my second trip to Fonna, it felt like the first, because last trip we had bad weather all the time, and got no chance to ride. I felt like Fonna was some shitty summercamp gig with too much rain and crapsnow, But this weekend proved the opposite.

Me and my younger brother Øystein drove before-sunrise-early on friday, and arrived at the glacier in good time for shredding. Parkshaper, mushroomrepresent and buddy Emil Fossheim had a funny rail-line going on friday and saturday, so we killed those obstacles until Saturday evening.


The picture above is from saturday’s jump session. Its me doing a FS 1080 melon captured by Olav Stubberud, an amazing young lad with sick photograph-skills! WWW.OLAVSTUBBERUD.COM

As Saturday passed by, me and Øystein had been shreddin’ the park, skatin’ the miniramp, doubleflippin’ the trampoline and eaten lots of icecream! It was already the perfect weekend. I didn’t know how ridiculously sick the helishoot on sunday would be…


The time was 23.30, we threw the boards and boots in the back of the car and got ready for 4 hours of drive back home. I was stoked as a motherfucker! I had gotten 8 jumps with the chopper flying so close behind I could have poked it (at least it was really close, the pilot was insane skilled). We were 11 snowboarders and skiers, and everyone had done their craziest shit with the chopper recording it all with a camera way too sick and too expensive to imagine. We even had 3-4 photographers and 3-4 additional cameras on the side. This was one for the history-books!


Be sure to check out this article as well, to get a proper view of the crazy circus crankin’ Fonna 09!