Peak Performance Project

20 10 2010

I’m exhausted! Just got back from our second day at P3 training facility here in Santa Barbara, California. The reason why I’m here, is a trip Nitro is doing with me, Knut Eliassen, Marc Swoboda, Basti Rittig, Austin Smith, Lorenz Holder and our dear team manager Andi Aurhammer. P3 is a private training facility which Marcus Elliot is running It’s such a good place to get ready for the season, and all kinds of top athletes from all around the states come here to get fit. “Where science meets athletic performance”.

throwing balls can be heavy

Yesterday we did some tests and went skateboarding for 3 hours straight. My muscles are so tight now! This evening we are going skateboarding again.

Fs Indy Santa Barbara beach

Basti, me and Marc kickin it..

Thanks to Lorenz Holder for sick pictures!