Two contests, two days, two parties and one drunk team-manager…

1 11 2010

This weekend has been busy. From FIS World Cup in London to tradeshow and big air contest in Modena, Italy. Two flights early in the morning and no sleep. My back feels like a ryanair-seat!

London was great, Thanks to everyone for a good time. Nike 6.0 for hooking me up in NIKETOWN, all the great guys that viseited us at the signing session. The contest didn’t go as I expected, I guess it was just not the right weekend! I got 8th. Ståle Sandbech and Per Iver Grimsrud got 2nd and 4th, congrats, sick riding!

This was the wall of the booth where we had our signing session and stuff, thanks Nike 6.0!

One thing I’m sure of, I’ll never fly in the middle of the night to do two contests in two days. We got to Modena, Italy, where the tradeshow and the 4star TTR Stomp IT was about to go down. We caught two hours of sleep in the hotel before heading out to the stadium. Unfortunately, I landed on the knuckle and tweaked my back and chest and was not feeling very well. The finals were good anyway, big ups to Gerome Mathieu and Jakko Ruha for winning!

Gerome, the winner in yellow!

Last night was the first night in a week  I actually had a real dinner, and a real dinner it was indeed! Our guy in Italy, Federico the Legend, drove us around in his new Mini Cooper Countryman and took us out for one of the best dinners I’ve had. Tortellini with pumpkin, risotto with balsamic vinegar ended by a filet so good I have to stop thinking about it cause I’m getting hungry!

Thanks Federico, the Legend of Milan…