Fredrik Austbø wins Norwegian Championships Halfpipe!

28 03 2009

The finals did just go down in Kongsberg, I landed my first run and was in lead until the last three riders.. Then Fredrik Austbø put down a solid run and claimed the first place! My last run went wrong on the second hit and I had to kiss the first place goodbye. Here is the final results!:

1. Fredrik Austbø

2. Gjermund Braaten

3. Roger Kleivdal


Check out ” TVNorge” at 18:00 for footage and a wrap up from the finals in Kongsberg, I might have a follow-cam-run there:D


Norwegian Championships Kongsberg

28 03 2009

It’s saturday, it’s contest and it’s a really good halfpipe here in Kongsberg! We’we just finished the quallis and the top three goes like this!

1. Gjermund Braaten

2. Stian Aannestad

3. Fredrik Austbø


We’re running finals in a couple of hours so I will keep you posted!