Pleasure Jam at Dachstein

16 11 2010

After being injured a week, I got back on my board this weekend thanks to awesome help from a couple of physio´s. The TTR 4 star event Pleasure Jam went down in Austria and I was there to try and do my best. In the finals I did a cab 5, a doublecork bs 10, and a double bs rodeo. Due to a serious handdrag, I got 5th place. Elias Elhardt won, and my friend Tor Lundstrom from Sweden got 3rd, well done!

Dachstein has a sick railpark and this Elbow rail was awesome! Thanks Kristoffer Hansson for filming.


Qualified 1. Place at the Pleasure Jam

13 11 2009

Just got down from a looong day at “der Dachstein”! went up to the glacier at 7 am, got down 5 pm… what a day folks.. It started off with delays on delays because of really bad weather.. Then, at 10-11, we started our first heat.. I had a good feeling after that one, allthough it was an easy line, fs 5, cab 5, bs 7.. 2 hours later we had our second run and that one went really good.. Bs 9, cab 9 and fs 3 and bs lip.. That line landed me in 1. place in quallis.. Looking forward to finals tomorrow..

I also did this “Day in a life” with Anna from Onboard.. She was really stoked on her choice of rider, pure luck.. he he.. Watch out for the edit on