Burn RiverJump Livigno

25 02 2010

Today the TTR 5 star slopestyle went down here in Livigno, Italy.. The setup was a tree-jib, a flatbox to barrel-tap, then a three kicker line that was insane..

I landed my best slopestylerun ever today and that got me a 2. place! I learned the fs doublecork 10 in practice yesterday and it feels GOOD! 3 out of 4 doublecorks now.. Hope to get the sw bs one as well before the snow melts;)

Eric Willet from USA won with sw bs 12, fs doublecork 10, bs doublerodeo 9.

My run was cab 9, fs doublecork 10, bs doublecork 10.

Roope Tonteri got 3. with this one: cab 12, fs 7, bs 12.

So far a good trip to Italy.. Tomorrow is the riverjump, and the setup looks a bit scary. We’re actually jumping over a river!

1. Eric Willet, USA
2. Gjermund Braaten, NOR
3. Roope Tonteri, FIN
4. Yale Cousino, USA
5. Janne Korpi, FIN
6. Mark McMorris, CAN
7. Tor Lundstrom, SWE
8. Victor De le Rue, FRA
9. Ville Uotila, FIN
10. Kevin Backstrom, SWE