The teaser for the new Rome movie featuring my buddy Staaaaaale!

24 07 2011

Battery Challenge Fonna Edit

22 08 2009

The first teaser has just dropped! Good feeling guaranteed!


1. Go to

2. Turn your speakers up!

3. Pop a soda and kick it like it was summer of 69!

Black Winter

13 07 2009

Today has been a really lazy day.. I woke up at 12, watched a movie called bangkok dangerous (second time, with Nicholas Cage and stuff, really great by the way) went for a skate session in Gol with William, a good friend of mine. I just woke up, again, from a powernap after dinner and came across standard films teaser for their “Black Winter”. A couple of friends are starring in this movie and it looks really sick! Also, one of my favorite riders, Torstein Horgmo, got some crazy tricks in there.. cant wait to see them in the full movie:D watch and enjoy!


This is William, yup he is very good!